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A New Crysis Project Is Being Teased So Prepare Your PCs

Can your PC run it?

For the longest time, the original Crysis was the benchmark for gaming PCs capability. The Crytek and Free Radical-developed FPS was a graphical powerhouse that still holds up fairly well today. Though the following two sequels didn’t push the envelope quite as far graphically, all three of the games are entertaining shooters with some great mechanics that made you feel like a badarse in a high-tech nano suit.

With the last entry, Crysis 3 releasing back in 2013, it’s been a long time between drinks for the franchise. The Crysis Twitter account posted occasionally up until December of 2016, then silence…until now.

Appearing out of thin air, like Prophet himself decloaking, a cryptic Tweet dropped on the long dormant account this morning (April 14):

There might not be much to pull from two words, but the fact that this account has posted anything is a sign that the cogs are turning for something.

If we take a moment to speculate, there are two likely outcomes, one more so than the other. We could be getting a direct sequel to Crysis 3, picking up where the game left off, or we could see the original Crysis be remastered to have another go at your PC rig.

Regardless of what this might be teasing, it definitely shows that Crytek are working on something within the Crysis universe, we will just need to wait patiently for more details.

What do you make of this tease? Would you prefer a sequel or a remaster? Let us know.

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