Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion Day One Patch and Trophy List Detailed

Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion Day One Patch and Trophy List Detailed

Adventure Time fans don’t have long to wait now to get their hands on Outright Games and Climax Studios’ Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion, with the open-world adventure game hitting shelves in most of the world today July 17th, and for those of us in the land down under this Friday July 20th.

As is custom with new game launches these days, there is a ‘day one’ patch for Pirates of the Enchiridion that has just gone live. We’ve got the full patch notes below, please note there may be some minor quest spoilers ahead so read on at your discretion:

Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion Patch Version 1.01


  • New functionality allows you to choose which side quest  you want to track via the map screen
  • You’ll  now find a chest with a full-health pie just before an important fight in Evil Forest
  • A helpful note will remind our heroes to spend their dosh at shops or on upgrades when they’re defeated


  • After completing Pest Control, gnomes will passively respawn in the area rather than the Varmints which you’re pretty sure you just exterminated
  • The lookout points now have improved audio
  • BMO lock hacking ability now has new electric visuals and audio
  • It’s now easier to spot the Candy Kid drop off location outside the Candy Kingdom for the side quest Cool, Calm and Collected. The same is true for the Penguin drop off location behind the Treehouse for the side quest This is Gunter take a while.
  • The portal leading to the quest Pickled Herring will no longer be active once the quest has been completed
  • Text stating that you found a page of the Enchiridion will now appear when obtaining new abilities to make it more apparent that you’ve… found a page of the Enchiridion
  • Your dosh is now visible from the pause menu / hero manuel
  • Falling into the cold dark of the belly of the beast will now respawn you to the nearest location you fell from
  • Moved the sun so that the beam of light burning Marcy’s finger in her opening cutscene is actually making contact with her


  • Fixed an issue where Banana Guard ice attacks didn’t have the ice VFX
  • Fixed an issue which caused Prismo’s dialogue to be larger than the dialogue box it appeared over
  • Fixed an issue with the lookouts that could cause confusion with dialogue pop-ups
  • Fixed an issue which caused Marcy’s legs to be stricken with rigor mortis while flying around with an object in hand
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Sword of Lighteousness icon to not appear in the quest-complete graphic
  • Fixed an issue which caused Prismo’s quest to start on entering his hot-tub
  • Fixed an issue which caused the players to be re-spotted when striking a chest with Marceline’s axe
  • Fixed an issue which caused Prismo to appear in two different shades
  • Fixed an issue which caused a quest’s VO to go off after dying
  • Rotated the snail 90 degrees!

The list of trophies waiting to be earned on the PlayStation 4 version of the game has also been revealed recently, the full details of which you can see here at the Playstation Trophies website. Yours truly already nabbed the platinum trophy while working on my review, which you can check out right here on WellPlayed when it goes live.

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