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ALZARA Radiant Echoes Is A JRPG Inspired Homage By Industry Veterans At Studio Camelia Hitting Kickstarter Today

Influenced By Final Fantasy X And Golden Sun

Montepellier-based Studio Camelia has today gone live with a Kickstarter campaign for their in-development 2026 title ALZARA Radiant Echoes. A love letter to the golden age of early 2000s turn-based Japanese RPGs, this announcement has come with a trailer showing off the bright oceans and colourful islands of its Mediterranean-inspired setting. With the team’s talent having spent time on swathes of popular titles from Dead Cells and Divinity: Original Sin to Haven, first impressions of this coast-hopping elemental adventure with a party of four characters are glossy and captures the bombastic battle cinematics of Square’s big PlayStation 2 JRPGs.

A notable contribution to this title comes from popular Japanese artist Yoshiro Ambe (Trials of Mana), responsible for designing the four cover heroes of ALZARA Radiant Echoes. Each character will be playable in both combat and exploration, carrying the adventure with parallels to Avatar The Last Airbender. Specifically, these heroes have access to four core elemental powers that can synergise and combine to open up new tactical opportunities. In combat, this means up to ten elemental power sets to exploit. Casting these elements during exploration will also be key in solving puzzles in the 3D dungeons. Also available, in very much a nod to its JRPG inspirations, are the ten summonable super elementals called legends. 

Exploring across this world will have players sail their crew in the ship Latitude between islands in the titular overworld of Alzara. This has a classic top-down JRPG overworld presentation, with figures moving across a painted map. There will be ten main locations for players to seek out and explore in 3D.

Across a stage of sweeping strings and airy flutes is a main theme composed by Motoi Sakuraba (Dark Souls). The switch from more downcast dirges to this spirited symphony is immediately dizzying and transportive, with the instrument set leaning of heavy Mediterranean styles. The Kickstarter campaign for Alzara Radiant Chronicles will include a stretch goal to have Sakuraba compose the entire soundtrack.

With a theme of togetherness, Studio Camelia hopes players will feel an emotional tug with this title as our four heroes try to unite the fragmented archipelago of Alzara. Like its art style, this narrative pitches a story of empathy and forged bonds being integral to every element of this experience and the characters met along the way.

The Kickstarter for ALZARA Radiant Echoes is live now. Full launch is expected on PC and consoles in 2026.

Does this trailer also remind you of the glory days of Final Fantasy X’s Tidus laughing on the beach? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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Written By Nathan Hennessy


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