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Australian Limited Editions For Vampyr Revealed

Feed your collection needs with these tasty editions

Vampyr, the upcoming action RPG from Dontnod Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive will have limited editions available for purchase, which are available for pre-order now.

For those wishing to pre-order at good guy JB HiFi, your pre-order bonus is a limited edition vinyl soundtrack sampler. Yes that’s right, the vinyl only includes a handful of tracks from Vampyr’s soundtrack, which is composed by award-winning composer Olivier Derivière (Get Even, Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, etc.). This edition will set you back 89 clams, and if you’re a music buff like me or need a new vinyl to hang on the wall of your overpriced one bedroom Brunswick apartment, then this is the edition for you. It’s available for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Not to be outdone by their rivals, EB Games will also have their own limited edition. However, this is limited to PS4 only (sorry Xbox and PC) and retails for 89 big ones.

The Vampyr Limited Edition contains:

  • Boxed copy of the game for PS4, with exclusive Limited-Edition sleeve
  • Code for the Hunters Heirlooms DLC
  • Set of 3 exclusive lithographs
  • Double-side poster of the in-game map and stunning art


Vampyr is set during the early 20th century during the Spanish Flu pandemic, players play as Jonathan Reid, a doctor, sworn to protect and save under the Hippocratic Oath, but also a lethal killer – a vampire – cursed by his need to feed. Players are free to make their own choices as they embark on Reid’s journey. Choose to kill no one, or everyone, how you harness Reid’s new powers is up to you.

Who will be grabbing Vampyr when it releases on June 5? If you haven’t seen the latest trailer with a chilling rendition of Don’t Fear The Reaper then feast your eyes and ears below:

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