Aza Hudson

Aza blames his stunted social skills and general uselessness on a lifetime of video games. Between his ears is a comprehensive Team Fortress 2 encyclopedia. His brain, on the other hand, remains at large.


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Monster Hunter: Generations Review

But can you hunt monsters?

New Hearthstone adventure announced: ‘One Night In Karazhan’

The bars are temples, but the pearls ain't free.



Zombie Night Terror Review

When there's no more room in Hell...


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VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action Review

I've mixed drinks you people wouldn't believe.



Kirby: Planet Robobot Review

Come on, sucker, lick my battery.

The Rollercoaster Development of Mighty No. 9

It's better than nothing.

E3 2016: The Legend of Zelda Roundup

Now with the subtitle "Breath of the Wild".

E3 2016: PC Gaming Show Recap

Get a lowdown on what's going down on the PC scene!

DYEGB Is Playing E3 Bingo This Year

Hopefully, we don't fill too many spaces.


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Total War: Warhammer Review

The only good greenskin is a dead greenskin.

XCOM 2 is coming to consoles

Couch potatoes, take note.