Aza Hudson

Aza blames his stunted social skills and general uselessness on a lifetime of video games. Between his ears is a comprehensive Team Fortress 2 encyclopedia. His brain, on the other hand, remains at large.

Nintendo’s Revealed Their Plans For E3

Mario, tournaments, and squids.


Carn Mate

Strafe Review

Running in the 90s is the new way I like to be


Glass Half Full

Rain World Review

Rain, rain, go away...

Here’s everything from the recent Nintendo Direct

I definitely haven't waifu'd the ARMS girls. Not at all.


Get Around It

Bye-Bye BoxBoy! Review

It's hip to be square.


Glass Half Full

Super Mario Maker 3DS Review

Can it live up to its predecessor's legacy?

Pokémon’s Formula Hasn’t Changed – And It Doesn’t Need To

The more something changes, the less copies it sells.

Fan-Made WoW Vanilla Server ‘Nostalrius’ Returns This Month

Dust off those rose-tinted goggles.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Are Smashing Sales Records

I'd make a Pay Day joke, but I coin take puns anymore.