John Gray

Probably the brightest and best looking contributor to DYEGB, John spends his time buying and ultimately not finishing any game. When he’s not doing that he’s going back into the website settings to add words to his profile because the other admins wrote more and he feels inadequate. John enjoys any and all games unless it requires patience and skill. PSN: THAT77GUY7



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Blood Bowl 2 Review

John tackles man and beast in the latest iteration in sports simulation.



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Mega Man Legacy Collection Review

John takes a trip down memory lane.

FIFA 15 PS4 Tournament – Win A Copy Of FIFA 16

Win a copy of FIFA 16 by playing in a FIFA 15 tourney!!!

Need for Speed Confirms 17 Cars

Sneak peak at some cars for the next installment of the ever popular series

Has The Internet Ruined Gaming?

The Internet and online gaming has really changed the way we perceive a game

Rocket League’s Worst Player?

A FIFA/arcade driver fusion that grabs you by the balls and doesn't let go


Get Around It

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Payday 2: Crimewave Edition Review

Payday 2 get's a current-gen makeover, but is it worth returning to?

The Butthurt Files – Episode III: Butthurt

This month, John Gray gets butthurt over... Butthurt?

Top 5 Apps of the Week

I don’t know about the rest of you but I love a good app on my phone. If I have a few minutes to burn and I’ve grown sick of the same old Angry Birds and Candy Crush games I’ll take a gander at the App Store for a new time waster! All too often I look through the top apps and games lists and I’m disappointed with what’s on offer. It’s the same junk that I continually download, only to delete the s...[Read More]

Why I Quit The Game I Love

Guest writer Aza Hudson recounts his struggles with Company Of Heroes and why he eventually said goodbye

DLC: Why It’s Here To Stay

Do you remember when buying a game meant buying the full game? John remembers