James Laurie

Although he spends most of his time discussing the ins and outs of Power Metal to Kieran to troll Zach, James enjoys sitting back with a 6-pack of beers and gaming till the early morning. An avid fan of Xbox and new to the PC world, he continues to fill his time with FPS, Racing and Adventure games. This is his escape from his band Flynn Effect.



Hard Reset: Redux Review

James takes a stroll through robot exploding mayhem with mixed results in Flying Wild Hog's remastered FPS


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Battleborn Review

Can Battleborn's unique game-play hold its own in the online world?

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James tests Xaviant's new Hunger Games, Battle Royale-inspired Alpha


Bloody Ripper

Superhot Review

James walks the innovative line between FPS and Puzzle Solver

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James trials IO Interactive's new stealth offering to the Hitman franchise


Get Around It

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Oxenfree Review

James takes on teen angst and the supernatural in Night School Studios debut game


Get Around It

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Mortal Kombat X Review

James "J-Lo" Laurie weighs in on whether MKX is a Sub-Zero out of ten or a Flawless Victory