AWAY: The Survival Series’ Kickstarter Campaign Is Live And Kicking (Stretch) Goals

AWAY: The Survival Series’ Kickstarter Campaign Is Live And Kicking (Stretch) Goals

You may or may not remember¬†AWAY: The Survival Series’ announcement during the second PlayStation Days of Play back in May.¬†It’s the one with the adorable little sugar glider making its way across a series of beautiful and sometimes deadly landscapes. I’m 100% all about it. Here’s the debut trailer to jog your memory:

Looks awesome, right? If you’re keen I have good news; the game’s Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign went live just a day ago and has already met its funding goal and is very close to hitting its first (and so far only) stretch goal. That goal promises to add two extra playable animals, but it’s easy to imagine that the developers could add some more goals given how quickly the game has picked up steam already.

Speaking of, AWAY is currently set to release on Steam and PlayStation 4 (naturally) and every current reward tier offers at least one digital copy of the game on either platform. Further tiers include things like alpha and beta access, extra digital copies, plushies and even the chance to get your pet’s photo in the game (you’d better believe I pledged that tier).

AWAY: The Survival Series is aiming for a February 2020 release and the Kickstarter campaign is running until July 26th, 2019.

If you’re keen to see more, developer Breaking Walls also released a new gameplay video to get you in the mood for pledging:

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