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News Is Shutting Down In May

All supported games will be moved to Steam, the dedicated PC launcher for Bethesda games, is being shut down in May this year. From early April, any users on this service will have the opportunity to migrate their games and wallet contents over to their Steam account.

According to Bethesda’s article, gamers will have “plenty of time” to conduct the migration process. The developer of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout went on to add that “the migration to Steam will include your game library and Wallet – meaning you will not lose anything from your account”. Certain games will still require players to log into their accounts, so they can continue to access mods, in-game items, and exclusive news and updates.

This is obviously sad news for the community, but perhaps the more worrying news is what wasn’t mentioned. As far as we know, PC gamers can only migrate their games over to Steam, with no word if other game launchers such as GOG or Epic Games Store will be supported.

Bethesda have also released an entire FAQ page talking about how the closure of will affect Fallout 76. This boils down to player’s accounts and in-game contents remaining the same as long as they make the transition over to Steam.

Do you have a account? Do you wish that more game launchers were being supported for the migration? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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Written By Harry Fritsch

Harry's friends got sick of him talking about video games all the time, so he decided to express his passion for them online. When Harry isn't cosied up with a good fantasy novel, chances are he'll be grinding his way through a JRPG or obsessively completing a metroidvania.


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