Biomutant Is Looking Better Than Ever In New Gamescom 2018 Trailer

Biomutant Is Looking Better Than Ever In New Gamescom 2018 Trailer

As much as the hype and excitement around surprise new announcements and reveals at trade shows like E3 can be a lot of fun, I’ve always appreciated Gamescom for being a little more grounded and informative, and acting as a great source of updates on previously radio-silent projects.

One such project that I’ve been feverishly anticipating since its first showing exactly a year ago (at Gamescom, no less) is Biomutant. In development at Experiment 101, a studio founded by former members of Avalanche Studios, Biomutant is the kind of game that most other studios and publishers would deem to risky to make. An deep, open world action RPG with shooting and martial arts elements, starring a completely customisable animal protagonist and colourful, over-the-top visuals, it’s far from the standard AAA blockbuster template.

Experiment 101 have been a little tight-lipped on Biomutant’s progress as of late, but they’re out and about again at this year’s Gamescom showing off a heap of the game, which is both relieving and exciting! To coincide, publisher THQ Nordic have released a nice little one-minute gameplay trailer, which looks awesome:

Better yet, we’re starting to see some new gameplay footage come out of the show itself and boy is the game looking it’s absolute stunning best right now:

Biomutant was originally slated for release this year but has been pushed back to some time in 2019. The game seems to be benefiting greatly from the extra development time though, so that’s alright with me! Stick with us here at WellPlayed for more as it comes!

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