Bootleg Pokémon Game Adds Fuel To The Sword & Shield Fire

Bootleg Pokémon Game Adds Fuel To The Sword & Shield Fire

Game Freak has been under heavy criticism lately after announcing that the very first mainline Pokémon game for home consoles and the Switch would not feature the National Pokédex, and instead have a regional Pokédex that consists of every new Pokémon brought in with this generation and some others from previous generations (like the terrifying Machoke). Their reasoning behind this decision had to do with having to individually animate every Pokémon, something which doesn’t sound too bad until you realise that there are over 800 of the things now. This is where a bootleg mobile Pokémon game’s trailer has come and stirred up the conversation.

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Let’s Go Pokémon Mobile is an unofficial game, brandishing all the properties of the popular monster catching series. It has drawn a lot of attention from Pokémon fans for the wrong reasons. Fans have come in droves, using this trailer as proof that Game Freak’s reasoning is rubbish. One commenter noted “Blastoise just shot out of its cannons,” which is a stark contrast to how the official games handle the water Pokémon’s water attack by making water shoot from the general head area.

Naturally, this argument fails to account for all the other things that the developers at Game Freak has to handle, like designing over a hundred new monsters as well as balancing them correctly — a fine line to walk as not taking care with balancing new additions can create a broken mess. It also fails to take into account how Let’s Go Pokémon Mobile is missing a number of the series’ Pokémon too, not to even begin how the models they have used are straight up stolen from Game Freak and the animations are from Pokkén Tournament. Given that fighting games like Pokkén Tournament require very intricate and distinct animations to effectively communicate to the player the difference in attacks, te fighting spinoff Pokémon title features a very small roster of Pokémon — affording them the rsources to make such detailed animations.

While most of what we have seen doesn’t properly back up the claims that Game Freak have given about why Sword & Shield’s roster will be notably smaller than previous games, there is also a lot we haven’t seen so we don’t have definitive proof that Game Freak are pulling a fast one on us.

Pokémon Sword and Shield are the 8th generation Pokémon titles being released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on November 17, 2019.

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