E3 2015 Sony versus Microsoft

Which chef's cuisine reigns supreme at this year's E3?

Final Fantasy VII HD Remake Announced

Final Fantasy HD Remake. Yes, we did just say that.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Reveal Trailer

Ubisoft unveil a new Ghost Recon

New Rare Game Sea of Thieves Revealed

Microsoft and Rare announce ‘Sea of Thieves’, a new IP from the famed developers. Check it here.

Mass Effect Andromeda Announced

The next Mass Effect has a name and a release window

The Division Release Date Announced

The Division receives an official release date

Bethesda E3 Wrap Up

Kieran wraps up the memorable presser from publisher/developer juggernaught Bethesda

FALLOUT 4: Hype Never Changes

Trent's inner fanboy is let off the chain as he discusses the recently announced, Fallout 4

Top 5 Apps of the Week

I don’t know about the rest of you but I love a good app on my phone. If I have a few minutes to burn and I’ve grown sick of the same old Angry Birds and Candy Crush games I’ll take a gander at the App Store for a new time waster! All too often I look through the top apps and games lists and I’m disappointed with what’s on offer. It’s the same junk that I continually download, only to delete the s...[Read More]

Why Silent Hill 2 Is Still My Favourite Game of All Time

Trent takes us down Memory Lane with Silent Hill 2... Bad Memory Lane

Assassin’s Creed Movie?

Altair goes to Hollywood

Battlefield Hardline BETA Xbox One Impressions

Submitted by guest writer, Liam Stanton Battlefield Hardline, like the other battlefield games in the series, is an FPS. But unlike the other titles from this series this one focuses on cops versus robbers, rather than the open world war scenario we are used to. This game reminds me heavily of counterstrike in relation to spawn points, team objectives and the use of money to upgrade weapons and ga...[Read More]