Code Vein Release Date (Finally) Announced

Code Vein Release Date (Finally) Announced

People who have been awaiting news regarding the release date for Code Vein, an open world RPG whose combat was inspired by the Dark Souls series, can rejoice! It was finally announced today that the game would be release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 28th 2018. That’s not too far away!

Watch the trailer below

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Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment have been very quiet about the release date of this game, not even really giving potential fans a proper release window. They have had some fun with dancing around the announcement of the release date, but it seems that the time has come for us to get ready for its September release.

Alongside this, the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game have a collector’s edition which comes with an exclusive 17cm figurine of Mia Karstein, on the game’s main characters. The collector’s edition will also include access to the OST (original soundtrack), digital artbook and an in-game customisation set named the “insatiable bloodthirst” for Louis.

At the moment it seems both JB Hi-Fi and EB Games haven’t updated the listings for this game on their websites, however you can still preorder if you would like as links will be provided below. Unfortunately the collector’s edition is currently not on either retailer’s website either.

Preorder: EB Games | JB Hi-Fi


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