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Death’s Door Has An Amazing Vinyl Soundtrack Up For Preorder And I Want It

There is also a ripper artbook up for grabs

Death’s Door has found itself awash in a much-deserved sea of indie game awards and nominations – a huge part of the appeal being it’s gorgeous aesthetic, with a killer soundtrack and charming visuals to boot.

For the discerning audiophile, a rather classy set of vinyl records have appeared on the Twitter of the Acid Nerve studio, alongside other beautiful offerings for those of us who hunger to own physical Death’s Door media:

The soundtrack is available to purchase from the Devolver Digital merch website, with a price that sits at £45.00. In Aussie dollars, 45 quid comes to around 85 bucks – and that is before you get to shipping. So, definitely a deep dive for the dedicated fans of our feathery friend.

Admittedly it may be a matter of perspective, considering that the THREE vinyl records contain no less than 50 tracks pulled from David Fenn’s stellar score. Not to mention the gorgeous bespoke artwork by Frits Olsen on not just the cover, but all three sleeves within:

A far more affordable option may be the Death’s Door Art Book, available via the Special Reserve Games website. Rip open your Velcro wallet for this one, and you’ll see it shipped to your door for around $90AUD, which stings a little less.

I personally said that Death’s Door feels great to play, it’s beautiful to look at, and the characters and world are beyond memorable – so I feel somewhat indebted to own one of these incredible relics.

It doesn’t help that my wife recently bought a record player. Hmm.

Fancy a gorgeous Death’s Door vinyl soundtrack or artbook ? Let us know in the comments or on our social media channels!

Death’s Door is available now on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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