Do You Even Game, Bro ?

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Welcome to Do You Even Game Bro? The site where we ask the question… well… it’s in the name. DYEGB is a small collective of avid Aussie gamers who after many years of devouring gaming-related news and content from across the Interwebz, have decided to venture out on their own and present their spin on the gaming world.

The DYEGB egg was fertilised on a dark and stormy night in 2013, on a lonely PS4 Warframe forum, where Kieran Stockton, temporarily enamoured with the F2P cyber-ninja grindfest, reached out to fellow Tenno Trent Saunders at a time when the Aussie Warframe player contingency was vanishingly small. Although they became friends, not a single round of Warframe was played between Kieran and Trent, and it wasn’t until 2014 that their paths would cross again when a little game called Destiny dropped. Despite widespread panning (mostly deserved in this author’s humble opinion) of Bungie’s mechanically-slick-as-a-black-ferret-on-amphetamines-but-ultra-lite-on-content-and-story space opera, the game, and particularly the Vault of Glass raid, brought together a pack of cats who were all equally mad about everything gaming. With impoverished PhD student and aspiring alcoholic Kieran came long time friend and bug-hater Taylor Jeffrey and home-owner/medic Skeet McNeill. With NIN front man Trent came the potty-mouthed, Leon Kennedy-admiring Zach Jackson and chicken Wing Commander John Gray. Like some twisted Brady Bunch the family grew to include military and beef jerky powerhouse Jason Shegog, and his younger brother James, a master in tiling and having children. Soon they would be joined by the young and supple Yanni Connell and tech security enthusiast/John Mayer lookalike Josh Gahan from It was Zach who then galvanised the growing team to action, and so, kicking and screaming, the DYEGB baby was born into the world, with a face only a mother could love.

So the question on your lips must be, what exactly are we going to do different? How do we plan to take down the IGN and Gamespot juggernauts? Well we won’t of course, not without your help. Without you this aircraft will never take off. No pilot wants to fly an empty plane around forever, we need passengers: some in the cabin, some hanging on to the wings and some to take over the flight stick when the pilot is drunk.

Let’s be honest with each other for a moment, the age of the average gamer is rising. Many of us that have grown up with games now have jobs, families, liquidated dividends and cats. Our team lives to game, but we are only human; to maintain a site on the same level as our rivals mentioned above is nigh impossible.

So our idea is, why not create a space where YOU, the fulltime electrician with two kids and a harem of cats, can deliver content alongside us?

We will continue to post reviews, news, opinions, tips, tricks, strategies and general badassery, but we can’t cover every single game. If you see something newsworthy that we have missed, add it to our newsfeed. If you want to review a game that we are not able to – go for it! Think you have a shit-hot kill streak that the world needs to see? Post it. There’s no I in Do You Even Game Bro?, but there is a YOU, and you are part of this team.

To keep in style with the gaming industry, our launch product won’t be entirely complete, but we’ll be constantly implementing new features and fixing stuff in each new patch. Together, we’ll nurture this child of ours until it becomes a functioning member of society or a hideous abomination that we keep in the basement and throw fish heads to once a day.

DYEGB is the fledgling enterprise of a group of people from diverse backgrounds who are all united by the simple, all-consuming love of gaming. Be you an Xbot, Sony Pony, card-carrying Master Race member or Nintendard, we hope that we have something here for all of you. So kick back with a cold one, a kale and wheatgrass smoothie or an orange mochafrappucino, and join us as we attempt to #BreakTheInternet (maybe not that far but there is a potential that a sex tape already exists).

Keep calm. Game on. Get around it