Dreams Finally Has A Release Date

Dreams Finally Has A Release Date

It was only days ago that we posted the news that MediaMolecule’s game-creation-suite-in-a-game, Dreams, was being taken off of sale as an Early Access product in anticipation of a full release. At the time, there wasn’t any word of exactlyΒ whenΒ that full game launch would be, but now thanks to the latest (and final for the year) PlayStation State of Play live stream, we have a date!

Dreams will launch as a full product for PlayStation 4 on February 14th, 2020.

Exciting news for anyone still waiting to get their hands on Dreams, as well as those of us still playing the Early Access version and can’t wait to see what extra features and ‘story mode’ content MediaMolecule have cooking. It’s certain to be an exciting time for the developers too, as their years-long work finally comes to fruition.

If you’re looking for a little more insight into Dreams, we also posted a piece earlier in the week that covers an interview we did with some MediaMolecule staff about Early Access and the Dreams community. Check that out here.

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