EVO 2019 – The Best Moments And Announcements

EVO 2019 – The Best Moments And Announcements

If you are at all into fighting games, you would’ve heard of the Evolution Championship Series (a.k.a. EVO). Arguably the biggest fighting game tournament in the world, with this year hitting an online viewership peak during the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate finals of around 279,000 viewers, EVO is host to some of the best fighting game players from around the world as well as giving a stage to fighting game developers to get their core audience hyped about upcoming games and additional content.

Here is our round-up of some of the most exciting happenings over the three day tournament:

Samurai Shodown X Soulcalibur VI Cross Over

Bandai Namco showed off the upcoming season two content for Soulcalibur VI which will include new battle systems, along with four DLC characters joining the roster of SC6, including Cassandra (who hasn’t appeared since SC4) and Samurai Shodown’s Haohmaru.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Grand Final: GO1 vs. SonicFox

One of the most hyped parts of the entire weekend was the grand final of DBFZ against GO1 and SonicFox. It was a match-up that most were hoping for after the two went head to head at last year’s EVO grand final, and it did not disappoint. Both players played an amazing balance of offence and defence, but GO1’s persistence and pressure allowed him to come back from 0-2 to win 3-2. GO1 was overwhelmed with emotions after his win and SonicFox, showing class and respect, raised GO1’s hand to the roaring crowd. A wholesome exchange overall.

King Of Fighters XV Announced

Another little announcement hidden on the end of another trailer was the announcement of King Of Fighters XV being in development. This came after the season two trailer for one of SNK‘s other titles, Samurai Shodown. No gameplay was shown for KOF15, but an announcement is sure to be well received by the community, with the last entry into the series happening three years ago.

Janemba Revealed For DBFZ Season Pass

Bandai Namco had no shortage of reveals for EVO, including the official showing of Janemba as the next character as part of DBFZ’s season pass. Along with Janemba’s reveal was a showing of Gogeta (SSGSS) with some of his in game cinematics. Janemba will be avaliable to season pass holders on August 8th with Gogeta coming soon.

New Original Character, Leroy Smith, Shown As Part Of Tekken 7 Season Pass Three

Tekken 7 wasn’t gonna miss out on the character reveal party, announcing not only that Zafina would be making her returning to the series but that new character, Leroy Smith, will also be joining the roster as part of the season pass three DLC.

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