FIFA 15 PS4 Tournament – Win A Copy Of FIFA 16

FIFA 15 PS4 Tournament – Win A Copy Of FIFA 16

We’re getting in to the latter half of the year and that can only mean one thing: a new FIFA is almost upon us. Millions and millions of people around the world hang out for the release in the hope that there is something new and wonderful within. Ultimately, the game is pretty much identical to the last with a few minor improvements but do we care? Of course we don’t. The die-hards will continue to buy each and every game as it’s released and we’ll talk about how much better it is than the last.

Some of us here at Do You Even Game Bro? have an intense passion for the game and we want to share that passion with you. Resident gamers Zach and John want to play with you (literally and virtually) and to do that we’re holding a good old-fashioned Tourney (it’s actually a pretty modern tourney).

How does it work I hear you ask? Let me tell you in dot points:

  • The tournament will consist of 2 divisions of 5 people (yes that’s 10 people total)
  • Participants are to nominate a team no higher than 4.5 stars for the tournament. Only one of each team will be chosen in the tournament
  • John and Zach will play as 3.5 star teams
  • Each team will play their division Namesake (either Zach or John, hope for Zach, he’s shit) once, with the aim being to win by as much as possible. If there is a goal difference, draw positions will be decided by goals scored
  • The top two teams from each division will progress to the playoff round. Top of Div 1 plays second of Div 2 and vice versa. Winners proceed to the final
  • 5 star teams may be used in the playoffs. Priority picks well be in ranked order.
  • Tournament open to Australian residents only
  • Participants will be chosen at random
  • Participants must be able to stream

The best player at the conclusion of the Tourney will win a copy of FIFA 16!!

Final teams will be announced Friday 28 August 2015 with all games to be held over the weekend at times suitable to all participants.

So there we have it. A chance to win a great game and all you have to do is play some sokkah.
To enter your name in the hat comment below or on the FB post outlining the tournament.

Good luck!

A taste of what to expect from Zach

Probably the brightest and best looking contributor to DYEGB, John spends his time buying and ultimately not finishing any game. When he’s not doing that he’s going back into the website settings to add words to his profile because the other admins wrote more and he feels inadequate. John enjoys any and all games unless it requires patience and skill. PSN: THAT77GUY7