Hearthstone’s Next Expansion Has Been Leaked

Hearthstone’s Next Expansion Has Been Leaked

China has a long history of leaking Hearthstone content and they’re not letting that “prestigious” tradition stop any time soon, leaking the game’s next expansion ahead of its official reveal tomorrow at this year’s Spring Championship in Shanghai. After some translation, the title was revealed as…y’ready? Knights of the Frozen Throne. No cards were revealed in the leak, but we did get some wicked new art:

Click here to see this bad boy animated. 

Even if the official reveal is tomorrow, speculation is fun! People on Reddit has been quick to point out that Hearthstone loves to play around with the lore of the Warcraft universe. Wrath of the Old Gods, for example, posed a what-if scenario where the Old Gods got their filthy tentacles all over the world. Does this mean a world where Arthas – the Lich King – was victorious? The art above shows each default Hero as a Death Knight, so this isn’t far off. Everybody looks like they’re having a jolly time as members of the undead, by the way, except Malfurion. I just wanted to point out how un-jolly he looks, the big spoilsport.

Here’s what I want from this expansion: Death Knight skins for heroes, more cool reprints of previous cards with a twist like in WotOG, and especially an Arthas legendary card. I swear, if my boi Arthas don’t get a card…

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