Heroes Of The Storm – Alterac Pass Now Live

Heroes Of The Storm – Alterac Pass Now Live




A Warcraft Battleground has finally arrived in the Nexus with the release of Alterac Pass. This snow covered three lane map is the newest Battleground to host the epic battles of will between your favourite Heroes.

Not only can you test your might on Alterac Pass, but you can also do it while showing your allegiance to the Horde or the Alliance with the all new Warcraft Skins that are now live. You can also ride into battle on your Horde Frostwolf Mount or on the Alliance Stormpike Ram Mount.

That’s not all! Jump in now to participate in the 50% XP Bonus event! However, battles are rarely won or lost alone—especially in Alterac. You’ll need to gather your closest comrades-in-arms and complete Heroes of the Storm matches together in order to earn bonus XP during this event. To take advantage of the XP Bonus event, party up with one or more friends to earn 50% bonus XP for each match you complete during the event. Be quick though, the event ends 10 July AEST.

For more information, check out the blog post.

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