Heroes of the Storm – Lore & Order

Heroes of the Storm – Lore & Order

For a game that pits all kinds of quirky characters from the Blizzard universes against each other in MOBA combat, it may have seemed almost ludicrous to try and put some lore behind it all given the crazy premise.

But Blizzard have other ideas for 2018. Since teasing the idea that other realms and places exist within this Nexus universe during the Dragons event (the event that gave us Hanzo and Alexstrasza), hell, even earlier with the launch day maps like Dragon Shire that purely exist within the Nexus universe, we now have our first official, in print, canon lore of just what the hell this Nexus universe is, and what the purpose of it all is.

It’s about as crazy as one could expect – parallel universes, Dark versions of established Blizzard heroes, crazy monarchical rulers – but it’s also a perfect fit for a game that up until this point, has barely touched on any lore because of how out-there it all is.

The first comic delves into just how the Nexus ticks and introduces us the powerful Raven Lord and his quest to control the furthest reaches of the Nexus universe. Upon discovering a powerful army closing in from the furthest reaches of the universe, he breaks an oath and unleashes the power of alternate dark versions of Alarak, Gul’Dan, and what appears to be a massive Zerg-like creature. There is also mention of a character called Orphea, who must be found and whom we can only assume is possibly even more powerful than the Raven Lord himself.

The comic ends with the unleashed dark versions closing in to take the new realm from the invaders.

It’s an interesting first impression that gives solid weight to the motives and power behind the Raven Lord’s agenda to be all-mighty and all-ruling over every little realm orifice he can find. The fact that we have also been teased with other beings within this universe who are all new to the Blizzard lore book is exciting as well. I for one am very interested to see just who the hell Orphea is and why she is so important to taking down the impending annihilation.

Game director Alan Debiri stated that developing the story within the game has been something the whole Heroes team has been wanting to do for a long time, and right now has been the perfect time to begin exploring brand new characters and motivations behind this otherworldly conflict and just what it all means.

Are you excited to see where the Nexus is heading? Let us know in the comments below!

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