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Hisuian Zorua And Zoroak Have Been Announced For Pokémon Legends Arceus

Did you guess the right Pokémon?

The Pokémon Company released a new teaser trailer for Pokémon Legends: Arceus the other day, however, this one was quite different from the previous one which revealed a new evolution for the Bug/Flying type Pokémon, Scyther.

This one was like a creepy horror movie meets a documentary, with lots of audiovisual snow and garbled audio. All we knew was we expected something with a red tail and it was cute but deadly. Check out the original video for yourself below:

Today the Pokémon Company put us out of our misery by releasing a ‘restored’ version of this rare footage. We get to see some Snorunts having fun and eating snow. The photographer then moves into some dark woods and we get to see Hisuian Zorua for the first time, looking adorable with now white fur and long red tendrils.

The photographer is then attacked by a ghostly looking cloud which is shown to have come from Hisuian Zoroak. The two Pokémon end up in front of the fallen camera and then disappear. has reported that both Pokémon are now Normal/Ghost typed.

Hopefully the Pokémon Company will continue with these interesting teaser trailers. What do you think of these new forms for Zorua and Zoroark? Lets us know in the comments or on our social media!

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When Eleanore isn’t trying to figure out how the Earth works she’s trying to pay off her loan in Animal Crossing, complete her Pokedex or finishing one more RPG or platformer. She is a lover of great characters, cute or creative art styles and awesome game soundtracks.




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