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Huge New Update Out Today for Aussie-made Platformer Damsel

From Brisbane developer Screwtape Studios

Brisbane-based developer Screwtape Studios’ fantastic arcade platformer Damsel is getting a big, new update as of today. Titled Episode 2: Supply Chain Management, the update adds a swathe of new content to the game, including new missions, environments and enemies. You can see the full update notes below, as well as a swanky new trailer:

On 26th February 2018, the early access title Damsel will be receiving its first major content update by adding 25 extra missions to challenge players.

Damsel is a fast paced, single player, arcade platformer set in a dark cartoon world with a pumping synth soundtrack. Play as the eponymous hero Damsel, a government agent saving the world from well-dressed corporate vampires.

The stakes have been raised in ‘Episode 2: Supply Chain Management’ with new content featuring:

  • 25 new missions across 5 new environments – including Underground Slums, The Blood Farm and The Black Market.
  • New objective: Defend the satellite dish. Upload important data while hordes of enemies spawn to take it, or Damsel, out.
  • New hazards including sonic mines that bounce Damsel around and into obstacles, spiked balls swinging back and forth that require precise timing to avoid and explosive barrels that, well, explode.
  • An all new enemy ‘The Black Widow’ that hangs from the ceiling and when making contact with Damsel will explode. As well as ‘Tier 2’ versions of previous enemies that are more aggressive and have regenerating health.


Episode 2: Supply Chain Management can be unlocked after the player obtains 25 Skulls from missions in the first episode, so players best sharpen their skills and plot the best path around previous missions.

You can grab Damsel in its current early access form on Steam or visit the official website to learn more about the game

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Kieron's been gaming ever since he could first speak the words "Blast Processing" and hasn't lost his love for platformers and JRPGs since. A connoisseur of avant-garde indie experiences and underground cult classics, Kieron is a devout worshipper at the churches of Double Fine and Annapurna Interactive, to drop just a couple of names.


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