Hunt: Showdown Free Weekend and 20% Discount on Steam

Hunt: Showdown, the latest game developed by Crytek (the people behind the Crysis games), is having a free weekend on Steam. While the weekend started on Friday morning at 3am, the game will remain free until Tuesday at 3am. This free weekend also coincides with the recent addition of South American servers to the game, as well as a brand new set of six Steam trading cards.

Hunt: Showdown is a multiplayer, first-person bounty hunting game that combines the action, the thrill, and the tension of multiple genres into a unique new gaming experience. During each match, up to ten players track and kill monsters solo or in teams of two, then have to fight to get off of the map with the prize before another Hunter takes them out.

Watch the trailer below

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It is important to bear in mind that Hunt: Showdown is in Early Access, so don’t expect it to be a fully fledged game. It is updated monthly, with each update bringing new content and optimisations to the game. If you do happen to be interested in the game after trying it out, it is currently 20% off on Steam while the free weekend is in place and the Water Devil will be added soon after the free weekend comes to a close. The Water Devil is an AI that is designed to make traversing the harsh Louisiana swamps an even more perilous task.

You can check out the game via its Steam Store Page. To keep track of the game, make sure to visit the official Hunt: Showdown website.

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