Kingdom Hearts III’s Full Ending Might Not Be On The Disc

Kingdom Hearts III’s Full Ending Might Not Be On The Disc

Following up from our story earlier today about complete disc copies of Kingdom Hearts III on Xbox One finding their way out into the world a whole six weeks before release, Square Enix and game director Tetsuya Nomura have issued a formal statement on the matter.

In the statement, Nomura directly addresses the leak, stating that they are aware of the situation and of how it came to happen, and acknowledging that fans are rightfully concerned about spoilers. The most interesting part of the statement comes as Nomura assures fans that the most spoilerific stuff in the game should continue to stay under wraps until the game’s official release because, in the director’s own words;

“The game’s epilogue and secret movie, which are the biggest spoilers in the game, are planned to be released at a later date just in case, so they will not be shown before the game’s release.”

Which definitely makes it sound as though the majority of Kingdom Hearts III’s end game content won’t be on disc at retail, and will instead be delivered through a launch patch/update instead. While the reasoning behind that decision is sound (and was actually useful in this instance), it’s sure to rub some fans the wrong way knowing that the wholly single-player JRPG won’t be 100% playable without an extra content download.

The full statement as shared on the Kingdom Hearts Twitter account is below:

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