Lego Marvel's Avengers Review

Putting A Stop To Evil One Brick At A Time
Developer: Tt Games Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Platform: PS4/PS3/Xbox 360/Xbox One/PC/Mac/Wii U/PS Vita/3DS

Lego Marvel’s Avengers combines the winning Lego formula with top-of-the-line visuals to bring you a title the whole family can enjoy

Here we go, another Lego game, same brick different day. Being the seventh Lego title to be brought to the current generation of consoles since 2013, you’d be forgiven for wondering if some franchise fatigue was starting to settle in. Having finished all previous Lego titles on the PS4 I did find myself pondering just how different this newest iteration could possibly be, and indeed what is left to be improved upon. While fans of the series will find the same tried-and-true standard Lego gameplay here, a variety of minor tweaks and fixes have tightened the gameplay even more, and comparing it to Lego Marvel’s Superheroes, these improvements are clear to see and make for the best Lego title to date.

Avengers locked and loaded

Where Superheroes had a weird and whacky original story line, Avengers follows the path of the previously released Marvel movies. Curiously, the game kicks off at the start of The Age of Ultron (which is the last movie to be released), but it has been cleverly arranged so you can enjoy the full Avengers experience through the age-old flashback mechanic. Because let’s face it, everybody loves a good flashback. While sticking close to the save-the-world plots of the films, Lego and TT Games manage to inject it with that signature witty Lego humour and charm which really keeps the plot cracking along in entertaining fashion. It is clear to see how the Lego games have evolved over the last three years, with different titles experimenting with different styles to bring to the game. Lego Marvel’s Avengers seems to have learned from previous titles in this regard. For instance, Superheroes was almost open world where Batman 3: Beyond Gotham used a group of smaller worlds. The Avengers has settled nicely in the middle providing the opportunity to roam the landscapes of Lego Manhattan while still allowing players to visit other iconic Marvel locations in smaller world maps.

Who needs Jarvis when you have a pig with rockets

The Avenger’s gameplay remains unchanged from previous Lego titles; smash some bricks, collect some studs and everyone goes home a winner. But the diversity of the levels mixed with this classic gameplay is the perfect recipe for a great title

The Avenger’s gameplay remains unchanged from previous Lego titles; smash some bricks, collect some studs and everyone goes home a winner. But the diversity of the levels mixed with this classic gameplay is the perfect recipe for a great title. It is certainly enough to provide hours of brick-filled entertainment. Movement through the Lego worlds has also improved greatly. In previous titles it would be a common occurrence to find your character trapped out of camera view or stuck in the environment (sometimes requiring a level reload), but I managed to make it through a full playthrough without incident. Another feature that has clearly seen some attention is the dynamic split. This is the mechanic whereby when you’re separated by distance from a co-op partner the game spontaneously enters split-screen. It seems to have had some vast improvement allowing a more seamless merge between a split-screen and full-screen view, and the effect isn’t nearly as jarring as in previous titles. The only two things I can fault with the multiplayer split screen are the fact that both the hidden-item detection mini-game (where you follow a sequence of flashes around a board to reveal sweet hidden loot) and Ironman character change take over the full screen, and whatever the other person is doing simply has to wait. However, if that thing happens to be one of the many time-trial races and your sudden overtaking of the screen real estate causes them to lose their flow and stuff up, some long-term friendships might be in jeopardy.

Tony admiring his work

One of the great additions to this title is the improved flying mechanics allowing for much better handling. There’s also a newly added takeoff feature which allows players to charge up before boosting off into the sky. If you are keen on admiring the beauty of these Lego worlds, flying is by far the best way to do it. The visuals and sound are also on point. The construction of the levels are a superb combination of real world graphics and expertly constructed Lego bricks. This allows the player to take in the amazing views while being able to determine which parts of the world will produce some wonderful stud booty under a perfectly-executed Hulk smash. The background music is upbeat and varied which means it won’t drive you to insanity from repetition. Trust me, anyone who has played Lego Indiana Jones will know exactly what I am talking about.

Quit staring at my hammer

#selfie #doyouevenhulkbro

Final Thoughts

All in all Lego Marvel’s Avengers is by far the best Lego title to date and remains one of the few AAA titles that can be enjoyed by all ages. With over 120 different characters from the Marvel universe, the options for smashing through the worlds are huge and gameplay never gets stale. It is a well-polished product allowing hours of playtime and is a great choice if you are taking the kids away and need some quiet time or even want to grab a controller and play it with them. The introduction of a number of more obscure Marvel characters and superheroes will spark the interest of many fans of the series, and maybe even introduce you to a few you’ve never even heard of. I’ve personally spent hours reading about different characters I have come across in the game like Moon-Boy and Devil Dinosaur. This is definitely not one to miss if you are a fan of the Lego series or an even better place to start if you are looking to begin your Lego adventure. And remember folks, regardless of how much you play this game there will always be time for a good old selfie with the green guy.

Reviewed on PS4


  • Huge character selection
  • Classic Lego humour
  • Amazing real world visuals


  • Tedious Iron Man full screen character change
  • Minigame full screen takeover

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