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Lord Winklebottom Investigates Walkthrough

Our walkthrough will help you solve this anthropomorphic murder mystery

Launching on July 28, Lord Winklebottom Investigates is the debut game from British developer Cave Monsters and is a classic point-and-click whodunit murder mystery. If you’re playing Lord Winklebottom Investigates and find yourself stuck, our walkthrough can help give you a nudge in the right direction or guide you right to the end. Otherwise, check out our Lord Winklebottom Investigates review to see what we thought of the game.



After the conversations, check the Newspaper on the table to get the ticket.

Click on the Teapot on the lower left table to add it to your inventory. Select the Teapot and drag it to the nearby Teacup to pour Dr. Frumple a cup of tea. Do the same with the Milk Jug next to the Teacup.

You will get the Tea First achievement and move to the Docks.

If you reverse the order (putting the Milk Jug in before the Teapot), you will get the Milk First achievement.


Talk to the Landlord outside the building to learn that Walters, your boatman, has locked himself inside and that he can’t get out. Talk to him about opening the door to learn of an open window that you can use to get to the keys.

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If you try to grab the keys now, you won’t be able to reach it. Head out the window and move to the right side of your screen to head to the Docks. Check the right side to find a Boat Hook that will let you grab the keys.

You can also speak to the Dock Worker who won’t let you sail without the docking fees necessary to get a permit. However, the worker will tell you that they will give you a permit if you can provide wood to repair the ship, as well as melt a barrel of tar that is shown to you (it is under the Seagull if you forget).

You can also take the Rope between the Dock Worker and the Seagull.

Head back to the Streets and go back to the Open Window, using the Boat Hook to grab the Keys. Hand the keys over to the Landlord and he will go inside the pub. There will be two Bottles where he was standing, pick them up to get the Public spirited achievement.

Enter the pub and talk to Salty Waters, but he won’t take you to the island. Speak to the Landlord at the pub counter and ask about starting a fire, but he will reply that it needs to get colder. Take the Barrel that is under the counter next to some stools. Examine the Rum Jug on the counter, then talk to the Landlord about it. This allows you to put it in your Inventory.

Head back outside the pub and interact with the Closed Window in the top left corner (left of the Open Window). Go back inside the pub and the fire will be lit. Grab the Poker next to the Fireplace, then drag the Poker to the Fireplace to get the Hot Poker.

Head back to the Docks and use the Hot Poker with the Barrel of tar near the Seagull to get the Hot Tar Poker. Use the Jug of Rum in your inventory on the Seagull, then interact with the Box of Tools below to add the Saw to your inventory.

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Use the Saw with your Barrel in your inventory to get the Pile of Wood. Use the Pile of Wood and the Hot Tar Poker on the Dock Worker to fix up the Large Boat. While you are at the Docks, use the Rope with the Empty Rum Jug to get the Jug with Rope, then use the Jug on the Sea to get the Jug of Sea Water.

Head back to the pub and ring the Bell to the right of the Landlord. Use your Jug of Sea Water on Salty Waters’ beer while he is distracted, and he will sail you to the island. This will get you the What shall we do with our drunken sailor? achievement.

Meet with Salty Waters in his small boat to sail to the island. You will get the Act 1 achievement after the scene.

Act 1


When you arrive, speak with Beryl to learn about the people in the mansion, as well as the announcements. Try to use the Telephone on the right, but the wires will disappear. Enter the Drawing Room, which is to the right of Beryl, to get started.

You will find Reverend Peabody (seal) and Sir Winslet (cat) inside, as well as Gilfrey’s body in the tube. You can talk to them to get more information, and you can select the area behind Sir Winslet to reach the Orangery. Examine Gilfrey’s body in the tube to learn about the drainage system. Examine the Axe on the Armour twice to put it in your inventory.

Inside the Orangery, you can speak to Constance. To the left of Constance are some Pruning Shears you can take. You can also interact with the Tasty Looking Plant above the Shears to have Winklebottom eat some leaves. Interact with the Tropical Pitcher Plant to learn that you know nothing about it (this will be important later).

Head back to the Hallway (mansion entrance) with Beryl and go left to the Dining Room. You will find Dame Celia (pelican) and Madame Lavinia (llama) inside. Interact with the Vase of Flowers to eat the flowers.

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Go back to the Hallway and enter the Kitchen to the right of the Dining Room. Grab the Knife on the cutting board in front of you, as well as the Pan that is above the Knife. Open the Refrigerator Door and grab the Hardened Butter. Investigate the left most Cupboard (left of the sink in the back) to get a Matchbox. Before you leave, interact with the Dumb Waiter next to the Side Door, then use your Knife on it. It won’t work, and you get the prompt that you need something smaller.

Go back into the Hallway and go to the Right Corridor (upper right area). Go into the Study and you will see Spode (frog) and Dr Price (chameleon). Examine the Writing Desk to open it, then examine the Left Drawer and grab the Rolled Up Paper to put the Island Map in your inventory. Open the Right Drawer and interact with the Empty Envelopes to put the Empty Envelope in your inventory. Interact with the Letter Opener to put it in your inventory (you may need to interact with it twice).

Interact with the Wardrobe behind Dr Price and grab a Wire Coathanger inside. Interact with the Reference Books to the right of the Wardrobe to get more information about the Tropical Pitcher Plant, and how you can get the sap inside with a heat source. Inspect the Newspaper below the globe to get the T A I L achievement.

Go back to the Hallway with Beryl and use Pruning Shears on the Wire Coathanger to get Coathanger Wires. Use the Coathanger Wires on the Wire below the Telephone to be able to use it again.

Head to the Left Corridor (upper left area). Go into the Bathroom and interact with the Medicine Cupboard above the sink. Interact with the Medicine Bottles to put the Medicine Bottle in your inventory.

Go back to the Hallway and head outside (move your mouse to the lower part of the screen). Speak to Pumphrey (slug) and ask him for a heat source. He will give you an Unlit Paraffin Lamp. Investigate the Mud to find a Key Print.

Once you go back inside, some scenes will play. When you regain control, head to the Dining Room and speak with Madame Lavinia about her crystal ball, and she will mention Dame Celia has it, along with details about the play “McDeath”.

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Head back to the Drawing Room and check the Fiction Books next to the Armour until you get the McDeath Book in your Inventory. Return to Dame Celia and use the book on her to get the crystal ball back.

Go into the Hallway and use the Knife on the Moose Head Tie near the Right Corridor. Beryl will stop you, and you can talk to her about getting some rest. Since you found the crystal ball earlier, Beryl will leave. Use the Knife on the Tie again to get the Moose’s Tie.

Head to the Kitchen and use the Letter Opener on the Dumb Waiter to prop it open. Look inside the Dumb Waiter (use the magnifying glass option) to look inside the Cellar. Examine the Bottle of Lye below the window Winklebottom is looking through, then interact with it to put it in your inventory.

While you are in the Kitchen, check the bottom right area and open the Cooker Door to expose the Coals. Use the Matchbox with the Unlit Paraffin Lamp to get the Lit Paraffin Lamp, then use the Lamp on the Coals. Put the Saucepan on the Cooker, then the Solid Lump of Butter. Use the Moose’s Tie on the Saucepan to get the Grease on Tie.

Head to the Orangery and use the Medicine Bottle on the Tropical Pitcher Plant to get Bottle of Sap. Head outside and use the Bottle of Sap with the Key Imprint, followed by the Bottle of Lye. Use the Lit Paraffin Lamp on the Key Imprint to add the Cast Key to your inventory.

Go back to the Kitchen and use the Cast Key on the Side Door to go inside. You can now interact with the Pump Switch near the Dumb Waiter window.

Go back to the Study and interact with the Pressure Valve behind Spode. It is stuck, and you need to use the Grease on Tie in your inventory to loosen the valve. Use the Long Metal Axe you got from the Drawing Room, and you can turn the valve with the leverage.

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This will conclude Act 2 and you get the Act 2 achievement.

Act 2


Head to the Drawing Room once you regain control, and you will investigate what happened to Pumphrey. You can talk to Dr Price about her work to get more details.

Go up to the Left Corridor and into the bathroom to perform the autopsy. Examine Gilfrey to learn he has something in his pockets. Check Gilfrey’s pockets to put Gilfrey’s Key in your inventory. Interact with the body to learn Dr Frumple needs a knife, needle & thread, and an apron.

Dame Celia in the Dining Room has needle & thread, but she can’t hear you. Head to the Kitchen and talk to Beryl to get an apron for Dr Frumple.

Head to the Right Corridor and use Gilfrey’s Key on the Attic door to open it. When you reach the stairs, take the Prayer Book on one of the steps to put it in your inventory. Go to the Drawing Room and use the Prayer Book on Reverend Peabody to give it back to him.

Head to the Outside, where you can now explore the Island (thanks to the Map you found earlier).

Head to the Family Crypt to find Constance and Sir Winslet. Go inside the Crypt and you will see Vines at the bottom of the Gilfrey tombstone. Use your Kitchen Knife to remove the Vines and put them in your inventory.

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Head to the Jetty and after Salty Walters leaves, head right along the beach (that option will appear) to meet Inspector Culver. After the scenes, head back along the beach and you will see a cave. Inspect the Driftwood floating in the water to note that you need a long object.

Head back to the Study and inspect the Pressure Valve to get the Axe back in your inventory. Go back to the beach and use the Axe on the Driftwood to put it in your inventory, though you will lose the Axe. Combine the Vines with the Driftwood to create the Driftwood Plank.

Head inside the cave, then inspect the Submarine in the middle of the water. Use the Driftwood Plank to reach the Submarine.

Inside the Submarine, inspect the Log Book to learn about the safe and the tune needed to open it. Next to the couch on the right, you will find a Crowbar you can put into your inventory. Inspect the Airlock to learn that you need something to help you breathe.

Head out of the Submarine and use the Crowbar on the Old Barrels. Inspect the Barrels again (now called Barrel of Gunpowder) and use the Empty Envelope on them to get the Envelope of Gunpowder.

With the Crowbar in hand, go back to the Attic and use it on the locked door. You will meet with Ambrose, who goes to rest in the Servants’ Quarters. Interact with the Trunk to open it, then examine the Collection of Junk to get the Tiny Screwdriver. You can also take the Packing Tape next to the Trunk on the left. You can unveil the Machine to the left of the trunk to get the Dust Sheet, then try to use it to learn you need a coin to see the images.

Go back to the Manor and enter the Study, taking the Diving Helmet on your left. Return to the Submarine and use the Airlock to learn that you need to fit it over your head and get a tube to help you breathe. Check the Coin Case to find out all the coins have been taken.

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Head to the Drawing Room and examine the Gramophone. This should allow the Gramophone Trumpet to be selected. Use the Tiny Screwdriver on the Gramophone Trumpet to put it in your inventory.

Go to Dame Celia in the Dining Room and use the Trumpet on her to speak to her normally. Talk to her about the coins she has to get an Old Coin for yourself. Ask her for her sewing kit to get Needle and Thread. interact with the Glass Vase on the table to add it to your inventory.

You can now go back to the bathroom and perform the autopsy. You will get the It’s not brain surgery achievement, and can now ask everyone about the murder again.

Once you have talked to everyone, go back to the Attic and use the Old Coin on the machine. You can talk to the Reverend after watching the scene to learn more about it.

Head to the Servants Quarters and talk with Ambrose to get his side of the story. You can also find some Papers below the bed on the right, then talk to Beryl about what you read.

Head back to the Manor and go back to the Orangery, taking the Hosepipe near the Puddle of Slime now that you know what you need. Head to the Family Crypt and talk to Constance about a family tune to learn about “Waddling In The Moonlight”. Ask her about the safe to learn about its location behind a painting in the Drawing Room.

Go back to the Submarine and interact with the Organ now that you know the tune needed. A Note will shoot out of the pipes, and you will get the clue “Where we met, where we got engaged, where we got married, where Constance was born”. The Note will be in your inventory if you need a reminder.

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Return to the Family Crypt and talk to Constance about her family history. You will only learn they met in Africa. Head to the Drawing Room and interact with the Wedding Photograph (on top of the Cupboard) to put it in your inventory. Head to the Study and do the same with the Egg Photo to the left of the Wardrobe. Talk to Madame Lavinia to learn that Ethelberta was engaged in South America.

With the Packing Tape you found in the Attic, you can now drag the Diving Helmet to the Hosepipe and Glass Vase to make the Modified Diving Helmet. You can now head to the Airlock in the Submarine and go underwater. Interact with the Octopus and that will be enough to rescue him.

Leave the Submarine and speak with the Octopus above ground in the Cave. Use the Knife to remove the Thin Transparent Wire and add it to your inventory, then speak with the Octopus again about his freedom.

You now need to make sure you have everyone’s motive. If you are missing Reverend Peabody’s motive, talk to him after talking with Ambrose and discovering his secret, allowing you to talk to him about the incident.

You should have the following motives:

  • Ambrose: Was trapped during the events. Not a suspect.
  • Constance: Unlikely to be a suspect.
  • Reverend Peabody: Believed Gilfrey might blackmail him.
  • Beryl: Was hurt by him not reciprocating
  • Salty Walters: Left Island
  • Vivienne Price: Underappreciated for her work. Possible motive?
  • Pumphrey: Killed by salt. Couldn’t have used it for murder.
  • Madame Livinia: Worried Gilfrey intended to expose her.
  • Sir Winslet: Stands to inherit fortune if married.
  • Ulysses Spode: Worked for Gilfrey for many years. Unlikely suspect.
  • Dame Celia: Thinks Gilfrey wanted to expose her secret.

If you haven’t found Beryl’s motive, examine the Papers in the Servants’ Quarters under the bed on the right. For the Reverend, you need to have seen the Machine in the Attic with the Old Coin, then asked about his past, then asked him about his knowledge of the incident. Everyone else’s motives can be found by talking to them. You will get the Great detective achievement after getting everyone’s motive.

Head back to the Hallway and you will automatically go over the facts. After the conversation, head to the Dining Room and talk with Madame Lavinia about a séance. If you can, use the Thin Transparent Wire on the Window and the Clock beforehand. Use the Envelope with Gunpowder on the Fireplace, and then use the Wire on it. If not, do it later as you learn about what you need to do.

Make a save before starting the séance, especially with Gunpowder, as you will have to obtain it again the next time.

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Tell her you are ready to start the séance to begin.

The séance is timed, and you will have to restart if you don’t carry out the actions necessary. Here is the order of actions you need to take:

  1. Interact with the window behind Dr Frumple to learn you need to interact with it without people seeing. This lets you use the Thin Transparent Wire on the Window. Interact with the Wire on the ground during the next séance.
  2. Interact with the clock when asked for the chime, only to run into the same problem. Use the Thin Transparent Wire on the Clock after the séance, and use the newly attached Wire to set it off.
  3. Use the Envelope with Gunpowder and attach it to the Fireplace. Set it up with the Wire and use it when Lavinia calls for fire. Set it up for the next séance if you can’t set it up beforehand.
  4. Use the Dust Sheet with the Kitchen Knife, then drape it over Dr Frumple.

After the scenes, you will get the Happy medium achievement. Head to the Family Crypt and go inside the Crypt. Speak with the statue and after going through all the conversation options, use the Wedding Photo and Baby Photo on the statue. You will learn that Ethelberta was married in New York, and that Constance was born in Paris.

Go back to the Drawing Room and interact with the Box to the right of the Reverend (next to the picture of Winklebottom and Gilfrey). The order you need to press the continents is:

  1. Africa
  2. South America
  3. North America
  4. Europe

This will open the Safe in the room, and you can interact with the Documents. This will result in a scene and start Act 3. You will get the Act 3 achievement.

Act 3

You will chase the culprits into the Forest. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to find them and you can get lost. You can see where they went by looking for a white circular wisp of smoke that indicates which direction they went. It goes either left, right, or straight ahead, and you need to follow it.

If you have done it correctly, you will eventually reach the Lighthouse. Interact with the Padlock and Cellar Door until Dr Frumple gives you an Envelope of Gunpowder. Use the Gunpowder on the Padlock, then the Needle and Thread to build a fuse. Use the Unlit Paraffin Lamp on the Fuse, then use the Twigs and Leaves to start a fire. Use the Crowbar on the Damaged Padlock to get into the Cellar.

When inside the Cellar, speak with the Gagged Figure to find out he is gagged. Interact with him to remove the gag and learn he is Ulysses Spode. Look around the Cellar, inspecting everything. When you inspect the door, a scene will play.

When you regain control, inspect the Chemicals on your right, then speak with Dr Frumple about the antidote. The Chemicals will then get labels, and you want to drink the chemicals in the following order:

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  1. Green
  2. Yellow
  3. Red
  4. Blue

After the scene ends, you will watch the Epilogue, and get the Epilogue achievement. After watching the game to the end, you will get the Case Closed achievement. If you followed the walkthrough and didn’t ask Dr Frumple for help, you will get the Quiet, Frumple! achievement.

Now that you’ve reached the end of Lord Winklebottom Investigates let us know what you think about the game and if this guide proved useful.

Written By Victor Tan

Victor is a big fan of RPGs and enjoys helping people through areas that they struggle in. He also spends far more time on them than is probably healthy for a single individual. If he's not playing some RPG, you can often find him playing D&D or training MMA at the gym


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