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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Gets A Release Date, Trailer And A Collector’s Edition

Happy to (Mass Effect) Relay the info to you

Happy to (Mass Effect) Relay the info to you

Bioware’s critically praised space epic series will soon be gracing us once more in the form of the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. It has just been announced that this remastered trilogy will be releasing on PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 14, 2021.

Whether you’re a diehard fan who’s already dealt with the Genophage issue before and wants to return to the series, or you’ve somehow avoided its brilliance to this point (how and who hurt you?) then this is will likely be the perfect way to jump in. All three games will have a shiny new coat of paint and will play at a tasty 4K resolution, with multiple gameplay tweaks being present also. Alongside the release date reveal we’ve also been given a slick new trailer that shows off some of the aforementioned upgrades, take a look:

But wait, there’s more! Now don’t get too excited because this bad boy hasn’t yet been confirmed for Australian release, but I couldn’t refrain from mentioning it. The Legendary Edition is getting a Collector’s Edition that includes a 1:1 wearable N7 helmet. If that isn’t the most badarse ME collectable around then I don’t know what is. So far it’s only appeared on the Bioware Store for US$149.99 (around AU$200), but shipping to Aus from there could send you into bankruptcy. The edition doesn’t come with a copy of the game but it does include an art print, an N7 acceptance letter, morality pins, a steelbook and the sexy helmet. We will keep our eyes peeled for Australian release info.

Have you already played the Mass Effect Trilogy? Will you be getting the Legendary Edition? Let us know.

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