MediaMolecule’s Dreams Is Finally Available

MediaMolecule’s Dreams Is Finally Available

It’s been a long time coming, but as of right now MediaMolecule’s Dreams is finally available to buy and play.

First announced way back in 2013, Dreams has been slowly gestating since, with milestones being pushed back further and further to the point where some of us started to worry it had become vaporware. A planned public beta for 2016 didn’t eventuate until early this year, for example.

Perhaps seeing the road laid out before them and the sheer amount of work still to come, developer MediaMolecule announced recently that they would forego the traditional release model and would instead launch Dreams in ‘early access’ on April 16th. Well, friends, today is that day.

The Dreams Creator Early Access is available right here for $39.95AUD.

I just bought and downloaded Dreams.

This is good.

Check out this post for a more detailed look at what the early access release entails, and if you’re keen then get on it quick because early access spots are limited!

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