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Microsoft Is Reportedly Going To Offer An Xbox Game Pass Family Plan Soon

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According to a report by Windows Central, Microsoft is currently working on a Family Plan for Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s gaming subscription service, is one of the best deals in the medium, offering up a Netflix-like platform for players to download hundreds of games for a monthly fee. However, one thing that has been missing from the service is an option for multiple people to jump in on one subscription. Well, the report by Windows Central claims that this will soon be addressed, with a Family Plan to potentially be introduced later this year.

The Family Plan would run at a higher price point and allow up to five users to share the service across multiple devices. There are no specifics on this yet, such as pricing and whether or not PC Game Pass will be included, but if this is true, we can expect to hear official word from Microsoft soon.

This does line up with other Microsoft subscription services as well, with Office 365 offering a very similar Family Account option, so it does seem highly likely.

Would you be interested in an Xbox Game Pass Family subscription? Are you subscribed to Game Pass at the moment? Let us know in the comments or on our social media.

Shoutouts to Windows Central

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