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Give Me a Quest!
Developer: Nintendo Publisher: Nintendo Platform: 3DS

A fun little JRPG with plenty of charm to match

Miis have been around for 11 years.

I know, I exhaled in despair too. But then again, it seems like just yesterday we were making different game characters in Mii Plaza, or just that guy with a dick on his face everybody had on their Wii. So why then has it taken so long for Nintendo to jump on the fantasy RPG train? Sure, Streetpass Quest was cool but it wasn’t a real JRPG! There wasn’t a difficult game! To this, Miitopia says, “Hold my beer.”

Miitopia is, as you would expect, a JRPG with Miis. You can send whatever Miis you like into your party of miscreants (be sure to spend at least three hours making the ones you want), each with their own special abilities. Save the world from a maniacal big boss who only wishes to rule the galaxy. It’s a tale as simple as time, but don’t let that fool you. Behind the cutesy generic presentation, there’s a complex and difficult game waiting to grab your balls by the balls and make them call their parents to say hello.

Pff, that’s nothing. Check these woahs out!

King Reggie wonders what’s for dinner.

As you may have gathered, each Mii you put into your game will have different abilities. Mages throw magic spells, Warriors charge to meet threats head-on…flowers be flowers, and tanks shoot your party members as ammo. It may sound chaotic, but it’s not. Miitopia’s battle system is not only fun, it’s meaningful. As if to prove how 2deep4u it is, Miitopia also forces you to give your Miis character traits as well. These will make your party behave in a certain way, and make combat that much more of a clusterfuck. However, the real fun is organising how exactly this cluster fucks. No matter which classes or personality types you pick, there’s always a way to make it work. I don’t know how it does it, but Miitopia does it.

In a world populated by run-of-the-mill JRPGs, Miitopia is a splendid change of pace. It’s nice to be able to take things a little less seriously and have a bit of fun with your quest. Do you remember fun? I do. I had fun once, and it was awful. Every single battle in Miitopia was absolutely satisfying. The final boss in particular was probably one I’ll want to replay in a few months. Now, I’m not normally an RPG guy. Pokemon Crystal is my go-to RPG if I’m being perfectly honest. Miitopia though is probably going to create an entirely new generation of grinders through the 3DS’ younger player base. God bless you, Uncle Ninty. Make them better men than I could ever be.

He’s about kicking ass and taking names, y’know.

Cat boys are nowhere near as good as cat girls. Just sayin’.

The game’s sense of humour absolutely shines, too. Taking many cues from games like Tomadachi Life, your Miis will interact with each other in between fights. They play off each other in soap opera-style encounters that honestly had me stifle a chuckle or two. I’m not made of stone, dammit. However, it’s also here that Miitopia struggles to find an identity. It doesn’t quite know if it wants to take itself seriously or not. In a game like this, that definition is crucial. And Miitopia doesn’t quite have that down to an art form.

Final thoughts

Miitopia may not be a game that’ll be up with the great RPGs. Chrono Trigger will still kick the crap out of it. But for the asking price, you really can’t get any better than this casual RPG.


  • Good idea, greatly executed
  • Cute presentation
  • Plenty of polish


  • Has trouble determining its tone in parts

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