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Mod Turns Every Enemy In The Resident Evil 3 Demo Into Nemesis And It’s Terrifying And Hilarious

An exception to more is always better

The remake of Resident Evil 2 from last year is an absolute powerhouse within the survival horror genre (we gave it a mighty 10). Faithful to the original, while also injecting fresh, welcome elements, RE2 is tense, challenging, better looking than it has any right to be and most of all it’s pant-shittingly scary.

That was until modders got their hands on it and morphed Mr X into Thomas the Tank Engine, actually, that was somehow scary on another level. Anyway, my point is that the modding community for RE2 is great, and with Resident Evil 3 set to release in a just over a week on April 3, we will no doubt be treated to more shenanigans.

Well for one keen modder that goes by FluffyQuack, that was just too long to wait. FluffyQuack took it upon themselves to create a mod for the Resident Evil 3 demo that would chill players of the original title to the core – they replaced all of the zombies with the main man himself, Nemesis.

Of course, this sounds like a horrible nightmare. Nemesis is a towering, grotesque killing machine, and yes there are moments where a mob of the big guy elicits a sense of dread, but overall it’s pretty damn funny more than anything.

Seeing a group of the hulking antagonist T-posing (more like T-Virus-posing am I right) through a fence in order to get to Jill takes the urgency right out of the situation, up until they dust themselves off and go back to bonking you on the head, making you see S.T.A.Rs…I’ll see myself out.

Take a look at a snapshot of the mod:

ARVE Error: Mode: lazyload not available (ARVE Pro not active?), switching to normal mode

Resident Evil 3 will be launching on PS4, Xbox One and PC on April 3.

What do you think of the mod? Terrifying or hilarious? Let us know.

Shoutout to PC Gamer

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