Mothergunship Getting Physical Console Release

Publisher Sold Out has announced today that their upcoming over-the-top old-school first-person shooter Mothergunship will be receiving a physical retail release for PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

Announced in February this year, Mothergunship is a spiritual successor to 2014’s Tower of Guns and features intense FPS gameplay with some of the genre’s most difficult boss fights.

Petr Ciesarik from Grip Digital (one of the game’s developers) had this to say about Mothergunship:

Mothergunship is a game where we push the player to his or her limits with action. At its heart, the game is a straightforward concept: fight your way through the invading armada of alien ships, destroying each one from the inside, as you work your way through to the final Mothergunship boss. Sounds simple, right? Except the levels are randomly generated, the game throws wall after wall of bullets at you, the levels are littered with hazards, and mammoth bosses await you at the end of each ship.

You can view the game’s teaser trailer below:

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