Muffled Warfare Is a Quirky Bit of Fun

Muffled Warfare Is a Quirky Bit of Fun

Gattai Games seem to have a chokehold on the ‘Echolocation’ genre of game visuals. Following their release of stealth horror game Stifled, a title that robbed players of their sense of sight, their follow up title Muffled Warfare is approaching it’s release date.

It’s an odd bit of fun, presenting itself as a slightly slower paced Quake III arena; and making fun of a gimmick that adds a little bit of depth to the shooting genre.

With simplistic visuals that pack a hell of a stylish punch, the overall movement mechanics are very slick. It’s a throwback to what a classic FPS would feel like and the added twist of Sound -> See -> Shoot adds an extra level of fun to the experience

Will it dethrone Call of Duty as the most sought after shooter title? probably not, but the truth is Muffled Warfare is both unique and fun – and sometimes that is all that matters.

Check out more about Muffled Warfare releases on Steam ( and Discord!. ( – Or, take a squiz at our preview video!

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