NBA 2K18 Confirmed For The Nintendo Switch

Today, 2K announced that the highly rated annual basketball title, NBA 2K, would be making its first move onto the Switch with the release of NBA 2K18 this spring (fall for the Northern Hemisphere). This will be the first NBA 2K title on a Nintendo platform since NBA 2K13 on the Wii U. This announcement of NBA 2K18 coming to the Switch adds to the growing roster of games that will be available for Nintendo’s next jump into the console gaming market. Previously, there was an announced NBA 2K title for the Switch, meaning it could have been a gimmicky spinoff game, but it’s good to see it’ll be a main entry.

“Bringing NBA 2K18 to Nintendo Switch is a natural progression as we continue to expand our audience and welcome new fans to the franchise.”  – Jason Argent, SVP of Basketball Operations for NBA 2K.

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Preorders can be found at EB Games’ website (only for the Switch) and the game is slated for a September release across all platforms.

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