New Dragon Ball Game Gets Release Date For The West

New Dragon Ball Game Gets Release Date For The West

This morning via a Dragon Ball Games Super Showcase on Twitch, Bandai Namco announced their new title coming to Nintendo Switch and PC in the west – Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission. Now if you haven’t been to Japan or engrossed yourself in all of the spin-off games for the Dragon Ball series, you may be unsure as to what exactly this game is. SDBH: WM is based off the immensely popular arcade trading-card game, Dragon Ball Heroes, a turn based strategy card game that includes characters from Dragon Ball, Z, GT and Super.

During the showcase, Masayuki Hirano and Tomiko Hiroki, producers of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2Dragon Ball FighterZ respectively, gave us a few details as to what the game will include:

  • You can create you own character, as in Xenoverse, to fight along side Dragon Ball characters
  • The games contains a completely new story that isn’t included in the arcade version in Japan
  • This game is set in the Time Patroller universe, same as Xenoverse
  • There will be two sides to choose from, Time Patrollers and Heroes
  • There will be 1160 cards and 350 characters available in game
  • 1 vs 1 Online play will be included, as well as Local Vs for the Switch version
  • Creation Mode, a mode where you can create your own missions and post them online for others to play

During the announcement trailer, a new villian, Sealas was also shown off (designed by Toyotaro, artist for the Dragon Ball Super Series). Voice over from the character Trunks alludes to Sealas being the first Time Patroller.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC on April 5, 2019

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