New Multiplayer FPS Title From Ubisoft Announced

New Multiplayer FPS Title From Ubisoft Announced

In a recent announcement, Ubisoft has revealed to fans a new online multiplayer FPS game which will be available on Steam from September 19th 2017.

Taking place at the very end of time, the game known as Atomega promises to create unusual and surprising concepts that are sure to be a hit amongst players.

In the world of Atomega, all that exists are “Exoforms”; super advanced post-biological lifeforms, masters of matter and energy, and the last distant relative to man and machine.

As the laws of physics are slowly dissipating in their world, the Exoforms promise to fight for fun and dominance.

Throughout the game, players are tasked with acquiring mass, either by peacefully collecting it or through intense firefights. The acquired mass is then used to evolve the players Exoform.

Competing to acquire mass, players will need to engage in frantic battles through intense 10-minute rounds that can hold up to a maximum of 8 players!

Take a look at the action below in the official announcement trailer:

Although the game appears light-hearted, be warned that it is fearlessly competitive and hard to master.

So, with all that in mind do you think you have what it takes to evolve your Exoform and fight for domination? Let us know in the comments below.

To stay up to date on all things Atomega, visit the website here.

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