New Patent Suggests The DualShock 5 May Feature Wireless Charging

New Patent Suggests The DualShock 5 May Feature Wireless Charging

Following on from the rumours around sweat and heart rate monitoring, Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed another interesting controller patent that suggests the DualShock 5 may also feature some form of wireless charging.

The patent filing (which you can peruse here), describes an attachment to the back/bottom of the controller similar to the recently-released DualShock 4 Back Button attachment that would feature additional buttons as well as wireless charging capabilities.

The accompanying images also suggest that the charge could come from the top surface of the console itself – something I actually suggested should be a feature on Episode 33 of the WellPlayed DLC Podcast. Have a look for yourself:

This would definitely be a cool feature if it does eventually come to the PlayStation 5/DualShock 5, and I quite like the idea that it’s an optional extra that won’t add more cost the already-supposedly-costly console itself. 

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