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Newest Blog Post For Diablo Immortal Showcases Voice Acting And A Personal Demon Hell

Nothing about this environment is inviting

For those following along at home, Diablo Immortal has been slowly earning a reputation as quite a viable Diablo title.

The most recent developer blog takes a little time to showcase the Realm of Damnation, a personal corner of hell that belongs to demon lord Skarn – who will be playing quite a big part in Immortal’s story – as well as a super nifty look at some of the stellar voice acting that will be in the title.

One thing that is quite surprising to me is just how big the zones within Diablo Immortal are shaping up to be. A comparison within the post actually overlays the size of Diablo III’s Fields of Misery area over the top of the Realm of Damnation – demonstrating that it’s roughly twice the size. The developers then mention how the areas within the Realm have a unique biome/aesthetic to them, while still remaining as the same seamless play area. How do you feel about a forest that has the bodies of demons fused into the landscape? Because that is definitely a thing.

As a point of reference: in red, the map outline of Diablo III’s Fields of Misery; in blue, the Realm of Damnation.

A healthy chunk of the post also displays the incredible voice talent that is to be included in the game – Skarn, voiced by Steve Blum, and Verathiel, voiced by Kimberly Brooks both sound incredible and with such acting chops at play it really comes as no surprise that their stuff sounds downright devilish.

Check out more at the official Blizzard website, with the ZONE PREVIEW: REALM OF DAMNATION blog post.

How are you feeling about Diablo Immortal? Did you know it is coming to PC now as well? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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