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Night Of The Living Consumers – An Indie Retail Horror Title Scarier Than Stocktake

Something spookier than KPIs

The most effective horror games are those that prey on our fears, manifesting our insecurities and uncertainties into interactable nightmares. From zombie-infested mansions and inmate-ridden asylums to neverending corridors haunted by apparitions, horror games have presented us with countless teeth-chattering experiences – however, none to date have been quite as terrifying as this.

Night of the Living Consumer, developed by GERMFOOD, focuses on one of the scariest aspects of life: customer service. This is your content warning if you work in retail and are squeamish.

If you are like me and work in retail, you know that one of the most confronting things in life is being badgered by customers while you are trying to get work done. Well, this slice of first-person purgatory allows you to experience that in a retro, PlayStation 1 era style.

Taking place in a run-of-the-mill grocery store, your task is to get stock out on the shop floor before the end of the working day. That might sound simple, but standing between you and your goal are a slew of gnashing, snarling, demanding enemies – customers.

They will hunt you down between aisles, chasing you relentlessly until they catch you so they might hound you for information (likely where to find the toilet paper). If you can guide them to their desired product in time you can go about your business, but if not you are in for a fright, as they will…complain to your manager.

Triggering a pulse-pounding game of cat and mouse, if your supervisor manages to catch you it’s game over, your arse is fired. I don’t know about you, but a single playthrough has the potential to keep me up at night, nasty stuff.

If you are crazy enough to want to give this game a crack, you can get your hands on it on PC for a few bucks over at Itch. If you are like me and are too scared to play it personally, watch the playthrough below between your fingers, good luck:

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Do you work in retail? Are you brave enough to play this? Let us know.

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