Nightmare Creatures Reboot Announced

Nightmare Creatures Reboot Announced

If you’re like me and have always hoped that someone would revive the 1990s horror hack ‘n’ slash game, Nightmare Creatures, well then today is your lucky day.

Earlier today at PAX West, indie developer Albino Moose announced a brand new Nightmare Creatures game. According to Rely on Horror, Albino Moose co-founder, Sheena Perez, decided to check to see who owned the rights to the IP. Surprisingly, former IP owner Activision had let the IP go and it was effectively free for the taking. Albino Moose are hoping to release the title on current gen consoles and PC.

The game is set before and after the events of the first game and will see players tackle the machinations of Adam Crowley and stop him and his nightmare creatures from taking over the world.

In 1666, a cult made up of the world’s most influential players created an elixir that would grant them vast unholy powers – but something went terribly wrong, and their experiments yielded only bloodthirsty, mutant horrors. As the cult is decimated from the inside by betrayal and the creatures escape into London, a traveling priest and the daughter of a murdered immunlogist fight their way to the center of the city and defeat the evil once and for all… or so they believe.

The game is still very much in early development and given the developers, it’s hard to see the title having a massive budget. However, I’m just glad that we’re getting another iteration of Nightmare Creatures (something which I have desired and previously written about).

You can view the announcement trailer below (reportedly, Albino Moose are aiming for visuals akin to the original):

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