Ninja Theory Demonstrates Virtual Human in VR With New Stereo 360° Video

Ninja Theory, the developers behind the upcoming title, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, have unveiled a new 360º video for us to sink our teeth (or eyes) into. The purpose of this video was to demonstrate the potential of Virtual Human Technology in VR. The video itself can be viewed on their official YouTube channel, Facebook or on any Oculus devices.

Watch the video below

or click here.

In partnership with Epic Games, Cubic Motion and 3Lateral, Ninja Theory showcased a virtual human demonstration at GDC 2016. As a world’s first, a scene from the game itself was performed by an actress live on stage, which was then rendered inside the game in real time. This scene was later released in this 360º video, which also gives us a chance to get another look at the dark setting of Hellblade itself.

We tested the scene in VR and found that people reacted very strongly to seeing someone they perceive as human”, said Tameem Antoniades, Chief Creative Ninja at Ninja Theory, “Our belief is that real-time virtual human technology will profoundly shape future VR experiences for games, movies and beyond.

In VR, you expect characters to acknowledge your presence in meaningful and natural ways and respond to your actions.  In the real-time version of the scene, Senua tracks and follows your eyes procedurally while still playing a captured performance.  In future, we believe a mix of live performance capture, procedural animation systems and AI will change the way we both create and enjoy VR experiences.- Ninja Theory CTO, Wil Driver

Ninja Theory plan to continue their work with Virtual Human Technology in partnership with Cubic Motion and 3Lateral to explore the possibilities that real-time performance capture and virtual human interaction will bring to VR experiences.

Personally, this video has me even more excited for what already appears to be an absolutely superb game. While there still is no form of release date or window for Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, these videos should at least keep the hype train rolling.

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