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Obsidian Reveals Then Quickly Pulls Avowed’s Potential Release Date

A little mistake leads to a lot of confusion

Here’s a weird one for you. As part of the Xbox Game Showcase, Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming Action-RPG Avowed made a reappearance in a new story trailer, ending without a firm release date. However, it seems the studio made have let slip a November 12, 2024 release on an official blog post before quickly removing the evidence.

The date slip was spotted by games social media poster Wario64, who linked directly to the news on Obsidian’s own website. The quote came from Game Director Carrie Patel, who mentioned how the team are hard at work completing the game ahead of its release on November 12. However, that same blog post has since been edited to remove the release date entirely, and a link to further information on Xbox Wire on the game’s story doesn’t mention anything either.

It serves up plenty of questions, the obvious being if a release date was on the cards, why pull it? November seems like a safe bet too, considering there’s very little on the calendar that could compete with Avowed, at least for now. Whether something has happened in the background to change course remains a mystery, but hopefully we will get proper confirmation sooner rather than later. For now, we can only speculate as to what’s next for Avowed.

What do you think? Is the game a lock for November? Will be it be pushed beyond 2024? Let us know what you think in the comments and on our socials.

Written By Mark Isaacson

Known on the internet as Kartanym, Mark has been in and out of the gaming scene since what feels like forever, growing up on Nintendo and evolving through the advent of PC first person shooters, PlayStation and virtual reality. He'll try anything at least once and considers himself the one true king of Tetris by politely ignoring the world records.


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