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PC Players Won’t Be Able To Pre-Load Borderlands 3 Before Launch Via The Epic Games Store

Are we even surprised anymore?

In news that probably surprises nobody at this point regarding features (or lack thereof) on the polarizing Epic Games Store (EGS), Company CEO Tim Sweeney himself has confirmed after being quizzed by a fan on Twitter that the impending launch of Borderlands 3 on the PC platform will not have pre-loading available due to the feature “Not being up to the demands of a blockbuster like Borderlands.”.

It has been turbulent waters for the troubled store, with a roadmap of features including everything from automated refunds, patch size improvements, user reviews and even a shopping cart still to be added or having missed implementation deadlines by months.

The trouble with not having such a standard feature like pre-loading on what is arguably the stores biggest upcoming blockbuster release to date is that it could cause a plethora of issues in terms of server congestion and throttled download speeds, not to mention players with slower internet speeds having to wait potentially much longer to jump into the shootin’ lootin’ mayhem. We still don’t have word on total download size either, but judging by past games and word that the game itself will be much larger could lean us towards 50-60+ glorious GB’s to wade through, console players however need not worry- pre-ordering the game will get you in on the action right on time.

EGS shenanigans aside, Borderlands 3 is looking the goods with a bunch of crazy new characters to sink our teeth into.

Borderlands 3 launches 13 September on PS4, Xbox One and PC via the Epic Games Store (With a Steam release early 2020).

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Written By Trent Saunders

Although he has been gaming since the Sega Mega Drive launched in 1990, he still sucks at most games. When not being trash he watches French horror films, drinks herbal tea and secretly loves the music of Taylor Swift.


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