Physical Copies of Agony Now Available At JB Hi-Fi

Physical Copies of Agony Now Available At JB Hi-Fi

Just over a week ago we announced that tormented demon soul simulator Agony would not be released in Australia in physical form on its global May 29 release date and would instead be available as a JB exclusive on June 8.

While no reason for the delay was provided at the time it was assumed that it was stock delivery related, which has since been confirmed by the game’s Australian distributor.

However, it seems stock is now arriving in stores with JB given the go-ahead to sell the game once stock is received. Do check with your local store that their stock has arrived before heading down to pick it up. The game is retailing for $69 and is available on PS4 and Xbox One. The game is also available on the PSN and XBL stores for $54.95 and $52.45, as well as Steam for $26.99 USD.

For those complaining about the slight delay, it’s worth noting that console backers of the game’s Kickstarter are still yet to receive their keys (myself included) due to the keys themselves being delayed. The developers are sending out replacement physical copies to those affected, but for those who live in another country, it could be a long wait until your Kickstarter reward arrives.

We received our PC review key yesterday and will have our review up asap. In the meantime, you can watch the game’s story trailer below:




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