Physical Copies Of The Sinking City Have Been Further Delayed In Australia [UPDATE]

Physical Copies Of The Sinking City Have Been Further Delayed In Australia [UPDATE]
[UPDATE 27/06]

It seems that those who were waiting to grab the physical edition of The Sinking City on July 4 (after it was supposed to be out today) will now have to wait a further week before getting their hands on Frogwares latest investigation game. Both JB Hi-Fi and EB Games have updated the game’s online store listing to show an availability date of July 10. It’s a further kick in the guts for fans holding out for the physical edition which comes with bonus DLC. The digital versions are now available worldwide.

In our review, yours truly said that ‘Frogwares expertly blends its Sherlock Holmes gameplay formula with Lovecraft’s universe to create one of the best Lovecraftian experiences in years’.

The only solace for fans that do wait for the physical release is that a lot of the game’s technical problems should be ironed out by then, with a patch already fixing the game’s screen tearing issue.


If you were hoping to stroll down to your local JB Hi-Fi or EB Games on Thursday to pick up the Lovecraft-inspired The Sinking City you’re going to be disappointed because the game’s physical (PS4 and Xbox One) launch date in Australia has been pushed to July 4.

The delay was first spotted on the product listing on the EB Games website, however the delay has since been confirmed by the game’s Australian distributor. The delay is related to a supply issue.

For those that can’t wait that extra week the standard digital version will unlock on 27/06, while the Necronomicon Edition is available now.

We recently published a preview for the game, saying it could be one of the surprise releases of the year for fans of Lovecraft. We’ve also been playing the full game for some time, you can read our review at 2 am on July 26 (AEST).

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