Podcast #003 / The GOTY Files

Podcast #003 / The GOTY Files

Tis the season for a GOTY fa-la-la-la-la-laaaaaa…. yeah, you get it.

Game Of The Year 2015 time however, is indeed nearly upon us and a time like that demands some jolly good banter from the crazy cats of DYEGB.

Podcast regulars Trent, Zach and Jordan are joined by podcast cherry-popper (and likeable Pom) Chris to discuss all the highs and lows of the 2015 gaming world (As well as bag out Jordan for his creepy love of Bloodborne.. Over, and over again.)

Sound like fun? Have a listen below!

** Contains naughty words **



Although he has been gaming since the Sega Mega Drive launched in 1990, he still sucks at most games. When not being trash he watches French horror films, drinks herbal tea and secretly loves the music of Taylor Swift.