Pokemon Presents: New Pokemon Snap On Nintendo Switch And More!

Pokemon Presents: New Pokemon Snap On Nintendo Switch And More!

The Pokemon Company gave us their own version of a Direct today in the form of a ‘Pokemon Presents’ broadcast. The roughly 11-minute show had several announcements, with the biggest by far being the reveal of New Pokemon Snap, a new Nintendo Switch Pokemon Snap game that is currently under development.

While New Pokemon Snap stole the show, there were also multiple other cool reveals that are sure to hype Pokemon fans.

Below is a quick summary of each announcement:

Pokemon Smile: Brush together with Pokemon to save them from bacteria so you can catch them. A de-stressing app for kids to develop healthy habits. It is available now on iOS and Android.

Pokemon Cafe Mix: A Pokemon puzzle game. Link Pokemon by swirling them around the screen. Pokemon can join the cafe staff and staff Pokemon can use special skills to help you complete puzzles. The art style is really cute. Coming to Nintendo Switch and Mobile devices. Free to start with in-game purchases. Coming soon.

New Pokemon Snap: Its been 21 years and its finally time for a new Pokemon Snap! Coming to Nintendo Switch in a brand new way, it is currently under development.

Pokemon Go: Pokemon Go Fest will be available for everyone around the world as its entirely digital this year. Victini will be involved. They are introducing Mega Evolution to Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Sword and Shield – Isle of Armour: To celebrate the launch of the first part of the DLC, a special Max Raid battle is running for one week! If one million players beat the raid, everyone gets a Shiny Zeraora!

There will be more news in another stream on June 24! It seems likely another project will be discussed so stay tuned!

How excited are you to play a new Pokemon Snap? While you wait you can play the new Pokemon Sword and Shield – Isle of Armour expansion out now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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