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Returnal DLC May Have Just Been Teased By Developer Housemarque

You never truly leave Atropos

Developer Housemarque may have just hinted at potential DLC or future content for Returnal with a cryptic Tweet.

The Finnish developer Tweeted out an ominous photo of what looks to be a decapitated head of a statue accompanied by the caption “Atropos..?” Later, Housemarque’s Senior Narrative Designer Eevi Korhonen Quote Tweeted it, saying “We filmed something really amazing today. Hope we get to share more soon!”

Firstly, this head doesn’t resemble anything found in the base game, leading many to believe that it could be related to additional content. Secondly, the fact that the word Atropos (the name of the planet that the game takes place on), suggests that if DLC is to be released, it may potentially be set on a different planet.

Obviously, this is all wild speculation at this stage, but the game recently received a substantial update that added a photo mode and a suspend feature, so maybe that was a sign of bigger things to come.

Nominated for multiple awards at The Game Awards 2021, including best game design and best action game, Returnal is easily one of the best games to release this year (we gave it a 9.5). If DLC is on the cards for Returnal, perhaps we’ll hear about it during The Game Awards, seeing as though the announcements made there have been getting bigger year upon year.

Have you played Returnal? What would you like the DLC include? Let us know in the comments or on our social media.

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